Sunday 8 July 2018

Skincare Sunday | The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Facial Wash

Not going to lie, I do wish I was still sunbathing and drink large amounts of alcohol not sitting in the UK. But anyway on to today's skincare post.

What does the product claim? 

This is what The Body Shop claim about the product: 'This Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash infused with potent tea tree oil, cleanses blemished skin with each use. A cooling lather removes impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling refreshed and purified. Use daily for shine-free, visibly clearer results.' (source The Body Shop)


£6.50 for 250ml 


Green plastic bottle with white, black and green detailing

How to use

I use this first thing in the morning, to refresh my face.

Overall Opinion

Firstly for the price you get an insane amount of product I purchased this product back in November and only now ran out! Like said above I use this product in the morning it really wakes the skin up, leaving it feeling refreshed, it does help dry oily skin up, my skin does look less oily after using. My only downside is how strong the smell is, yes I know it's tea tree and tea tree in general is overpowering but just something to mention. I would recommend this product if you suffer with oily/acne skin. 

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