Friday 6 July 2018

How my 3 years at uni actually went

My last uni inspired post...for now....

Looking back 3 years has gone very quick, I remember writing this post suggestion back when I first started

What to say... they have been some of the best and worst years of my life. I've met some amazing people, which hopefully we'll stay in contact, others I hope I never see again.

When I first started 2015/2016 I didn't think I would stick it out, all because of one lecturer but clearly I did because i'm writing this post.

My second year was my unmotivated year, I didn't try at all, which is a shame because that meant a lot of stress for my final year.

My third year full of stress, tears and breakdowns, I would say this is the year I worked my bum off. Hopefully it shows in my grades.....

I have learnt so much in 3 years not only educational but about myself, I would definitely say i'm a lot stronger now.

Do I regret not moving because I know I wouldn't of coped being a broke student.

My advice for all you getting ready to start your university journey, be yourself, work hard every year but don't worry if you don't get something there's always going to be that module no one understands or everyone passes with flying colours. Even though they are the most important years of your life...remember your still young and still have to live.

Well it's all over for me, time for my next journey into the post-graduate world...see you soon Masters.

Thank you for reading

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