Monday, 25 June 2018

What to do after a break-up? *

Now if you never read my ‘we broke up’ post, you might not be aware that I am single, even though at the moment i’m enjoying being young, single and taking time for myself, I know the day will come that relationship could be on the cards again. Before getting to that stage of whether a relationship is right for you, you need to consider a few options. Here’s what i’m doing to prepare myself for future relationships.

Love yourself:
Now if you’ve come out of a longer-term relationship, you might of lost love for yourself by feeling unhappy. Before loving anyone else you have to love yourself and be happy within yourself! When I was in school I hated sport but i’ve come to learn that I actually like working out, it makes me feel better about myself. 

Spend times with friends: I didn’t realise how many friends I actually had, it was only until I told everyone they were all there for my and made sure I was never down! I’ve definitely been going out more since being single, with my friends- just enjoying life! 

Out with the old and in with the new! After a week of feeling sorry for myself and hating everything I was wearing, I got rid of anything that made me feel shit about myself, so that meant a lot of Asos orders! (Someone has to keep DPD drivers in a job...right?)

Treat yourself: We all know I need no excuse to treat myself but I did I got myself something I always wanted, just to say well done to myself for not being a mess and keeping going. It’s important to treat yourself especially when you feel low! It can be anything from a little purchase to an expensive one, just something you want for yourself

It’s okay to feel shitty: I know all of the above are about being positive and loving yourself but every now and then it’s okay to feel crap about yourself. Everyone needs to go through a ‘mourning’ stage to get over it, also i’ve learnt everyone gets over things differently, i’m the sort of person just to keep pushing myself, whereas others like to take some time off to just bring themselves back together.

So those are my five pointers to help you get over a break-up but in reality everyone is different but my main advice is to do something you love, which make you happy!

If you do need help getting back into the dating world i’ve partnered up with ‘No Strings Dating’ which is a site for anyone who just wants to get back into the dating game but as the name suggests No strings attached. The site allows for those seeking friendship, fun and maybe love. If you are interested below is the links for the website.

Thank you for reading

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