Tuesday 22 May 2018

Where Have I been? Let's Catch Up...

I feel like this post is long over due, i've been gone for about three weeks now,  I briefly said on my Insta that it was because of life, there is two reasons why I stopped one i'm not going to share as i'm still not ready to but that wasn't the main reason why I stopped.

 The main reason was uni last week I handed in my dissertation and the last two assignments and it felt bloody amazing, it was like I handed all of my stress in. It got to the point that I didn't have time to create content which I am upset about because i've never missed an upload. 

Maybe it was the right thing to do because other than uni work and my other work,  I have just been enjoying myself and finding myself again which is stupid to say but I did just lose myself.

That's all that is to it, I am very sorry i've been absent but I am back and ready to produce good content, I hope you can forgive me! 

Thank you for reading 


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