Sunday 8 April 2018

Skincare Sunday | Superdrug Simply Pure Smoothing Face Scrub

Hows your week been? I've had a pretty busy one really, mum and dad's birthday are a week apart and uni work so life is pretty intense at the moment. Side track, so today's post is a review of the Superdrug's simply pure smoothing face scrub so let's begin:

What does the product claim?

I'm wondering whether this product has been discontinued because I can't find the product on their website. 


Again because I can't find the product online, I haven't got the exact price but i'm sure it's around £2.99


The packaging is very basic, typical plastic squeezes tube, with blue detailing. 


It is a very creamy formula, you can't feel the scrub particles.

How to use?

I use twice a week Wednesday and Sunday's after i've removed my makeup.

Overall Opinion 

Overall if you have super sensitive skin then this is the scrub for you, but personally for me it did nothing for my skin, it didn't remove anything because it was so gentle for me, I couldn't even feel the scrub particles on my skin but like I said above if you have sensitive skin then give this scrub a go!

Thank you for reading

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