Monday 16 April 2018

Nanshy Brush and Sponge cleanser

Now I haven't reviewed a brush cleanser in a while because honestly I became lazy cleaning them, but i'm trying to make an effort! Let's see what I thought about the Nanshy brush and sponge cleanser.

What does the product claim 

According to Beauty Bay the product claims to ;' A deep brush cleaner.
Cleaning and disinfecting, Brush & Sponge Cleaner removes dirt, bacteria, oils and product build up. Suitable for all brush and sponge types, use regularly to reduce breakouts and irritations whilst refreshing with a light, delicate scent.' 

£9.95 for 50g

Where to purchase
Nanshy, Beauty bay, Asos

How it works
It works by wetting the brush and swirling the brush around in the tin which contains the soap, until it starts to lather, gently massage to make sure it's getting all product then rinse until no soap is left.

My overall opinion 

Overall I liked the concept of this product, it has a strong lemon scent which I quickly wanted to mention. But personally I only think it's good for eye brushes anything larger or has a lot of buildup it struggles to cleanse probably, it doesn't really remove foundation stains either. Personally I do think baby shampoo does better than this! Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend.

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