Friday 30 March 2018

Why It's Okay, Not To Know What You Want To Do After Uni

As you can see my title today is going to be a chatty post, but I felt I just wanted to talk about this subject because 1. it's relevant to me but also I think a lot people feel the same. I doesn't have to be after uni, it can be at any point in you life. 

Since I started my last of uni, i've had everyone ask what i'm going to do after uni, and when I say I don't know or something, I just get a look, especially from family, you start getting questions like why did you go ? And they can make you feel very anxious and depressed, i've definitely been feeling anxious a lot more this year and I don't think people who are close to me realise that, it's a scary thing knowing you've finished with your studies, you always dream of never doing another assignment or exam but when it actually happens you feel physically sick, like you've let people down, you even start questioning whether it was pointless going to uni etc. 

I knew I had to go to uni, 1. for a better qualifications but 2 and mainly because I wasn't ready for full time work and what I mean by that is, I was very shy, not outgoing etc but along with going to uni and working in retail which both make you speak and become outgoing, I know feel i'm ready for full time work even if I don't know what. Also when you finish college your bloody young 18, and your suppose to know exactly what you want to do? I don't think so, well it doesn't work out like that for everyone. 

Here's why it's okay, not to know what you want to do after uni:


Like I said above you leave college young but your still leaving uni young, I know I Just want to travel and enjoy my life, but so does every other graduate. Getting back to it, your young, your not suppose to know every detail of what's going to happen in your life at the age of 21/22.

Who Ever Knows

I bet there's only a small handful that know exactly what they want to do by the time they hand in their last assignment, a lot of people starting thinking if what they did want to do is for them, I know I am.


You start doubting yourself, i'm I good enough? Will they like me? I'm I what they are looking for? And let's be honest there's not always enough jobs for what people want to do.

Everyone Is In The Same Boat

Pretty self explanatory but it's true everyone is in the same boat, just talking to a handful of my class, they feel exactly the same. 


The dreaded word, that when you do find the right job, they want about 10 years experience, which how at such a young age I can never get my head around, but this affecting so many graduates because they can't get the experience and do well in their education. So yeh businesses really need to question how many years experience or just give us a chance! We can learn as we go! If we've done uni and survived, i'm sure we will pick the job up!

So after months of feeling sick of not knowing where i'm going etc I now feel like it's okay not to know, and so should you if you feel like this! Sorry if this post was a bit of a 'rant' but it's very appropriate to myself and a lot of people, I just wanted to share why I feel like it's okay not to know, because it is. 

Do you feel like this? Have you felt like this? What did you do to over come it? 
Thank you for reading


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