Friday 16 March 2018

Why I Chose Dissertation Over Workplacement

Seeing as i'm half way through my Dissertation, probably the most important document you've done in education, I thought it was about time I told you why I chose a dissertation over work placement, because surely work placement would of been easier, right? Well not for me and here's why!

Work Problems

Ever since college i've worked, it started off part time but pretty much is nearly full time, i'm at work more than i'm in uni! So this was one of the main factors why I chose dissertation, I could work in my own time on it and not affect everything else in my life as badly. 

Previous Students Complaining

Now I know not all uni's offer the option on whether you do dissertation or work placement, but mine did and talking to the students above me, the one's who did work placement hated it, it wasn't for them or things just kept going wrong! I didn't want things going wrong in my last year of uni! 

I Don't Know What I Want To Do

Now in high school I was the child who knew exactly where they wanted to be etc but i'm only months away from finishing uni and i've realised I don't know what I want to do, which is probably because i'm scared, if the truth be told but for a work placement you need an area you want to go into and seeing as I didn't know, it wasn't an option for me.

Wasn't Feeling It

Pretty straight forward I wasn't feeling it, I liked the idea of working on my dissertation on my own, not in a work place environment, which moves on to.....

It Was Pretty Much A Dissertation But Just On The Work-placement

Like I said above you would think work placement would be easier but in actual fact, it is just a dissertation in the work placement, and they tell you what to write your report on etc, I wanted the responsibility of my dissertation, from what I wanted to research, to the title, to how I will gather the information etc not someone else telling me you have to do this etc, also what if you don't like the topic, your just going to hate writing about it. 

There you go my five reasons why I chose dissertation over work placement, I know it's not for everyone etc but you have to really look at the pro's and con's seeing as it's a huge piece of work. 

After i've finished my dissertation, I will do a whole blog post on my tips, so if your interested make sure you come back!
Thank you for reading

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