Friday 23 March 2018

Over Coming My Fears: I Gave Blood

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Now this year I really wanted to over come my fears (read my New Year Resolutions post) and one is giving blood, needles, blood just... no but I saw Becky's post read here all about her experience of giving blood, and that was in I started thinking about giving blood etc and next thing you knew I was booked in for my appointment. 

Before Hand

Hello everyone so basically before you read how I did get on, which i'm unsure on myself because i'm writing this part in advance as it's how I feel etc. Anyway I thought I should give you some insight why i'm doing, how i'm feeling etc. 

Why i'm doing this?

It's very personal to me and close to my heart why i'm doing this, so yes Becky's post encouraged me but not the reason why i'm going. Basically over the years my mum has had to have a lot of blood given to her, which without that the possibility of her not being here is high! It got me thinking of everyone else who is in the situation etc so that's why i'm doing this because someone gave their time up which helped my mum, I want to do the same! 

How i'm feeling?

I'm so bloody nervous as everyone who know's me knows I can't deal with blood nor needles, so when I told them they were like OMG but when I explained to my mum why, the look on her face of how proud she was and that it touched her, I knew 1. I had to do it but 2. she was proud. So yes i'm scared but for around an hour taken out of your day to help someone I thought that it was worth going through. My only concern is I do have low Iron levels which I have to take supplements for etc but fingers crossed i'm good on the day, well we will know if they allow me to do it as this post will be published if not you might just the bad news on my Twitter (@hannahejarvis) and Instagram (@hannahjarvis24).

So I guess the next time i'm writing this it will be all done so I will put a warning now, that if it might make you feel sick! Stop reading now. Wish me luck! 

I've DONE IT!!

How I felt on the day:

Bloody Nervous! I just didn't know what to expect, my palms were very sweaty, TMI! 

The Process:

Once I got there, I filled out a little questionnaire and drank a class of water, before getting took to get my iron level tested, and as you can see they were fine! I was then took to area where I was given blood, they laid me back and made be read through a blood pressure leaflet while they got my veins sorted. They had no problem finding a vein and before I knew it, I was on my way of giving blood! They give me a bandage ball to squeeze onto, which helped. The nurses were brilliant because they knew how nervous I was they spoke to me the whole, and before I knew it the alarm was going off and I was done giving blood, roughly for me it was about 5 minutes! 

They gradually brought me up, before leading me to an area for a drink and sugary snack, I was there for about 10 minutes before I was allowed to go! 

How I felt through it:

I felt very nervous, I personally at the beginning could feel my vein/blood but once I got use to it I was fine!

How I felt just after:

As they brought my gradually up, I was fine it was just when I went to stand that it was a strange feeling. 

How I felt a couple of hours after:

My arm was very sore and the day after, it just felt heavy, I would definitely recommend keeping your fluids up as I let mine drop and started feeling very sick. 

How I feel overall? Will I do it again? 

Overall i'm proud that I did it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I would also recommend not planning anything after it, just so you can rest etc, I did notice my mood did drop a little after and the day after, i'm not sure why I just felt a bit low and meh. I will be doing it again probably not as regularly maybe just once a year! 

Have you ever given blood? Or thinking about it? 

Thank you for reading


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