Tuesday 20 March 2018

Inside My Beauty Sponges

I decided to do a fun post today and look inside my beauty sponges, i've got a whole different variety of beauty sponges, different budgets and also how long i've been using some sponges for a while...yes gross but I have stopped using some but didn't wash purely for this sponge, but i'll explain that under each sponge. 

I've got six sponges that I wanted to look inside; Primark p.s sponge, Real Technique miracle complexion sponge, B. for Superdrug, Lottie London, Nanshy Marvel sponge and the Original Beauty blender. 

Inside Lottie London & Real Technique

Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge ( Review here)

Now this sponge is getting pretty old but it has stayed clean inside, I did only use thin foundations with this sponge, so maybe it's that but anyway they stay pretty clean.

Lottie London (Review here)

Now this sponge was good to use but felt uncomfortable to use, if that makes sense, but for a good affordable sponge this sponge stayed pretty clean nothing sunk into the sponge. 

B. For Superdrug

Now I didn't like this sponge anyway so it wouldn't bother me but if I found out that it was the most unhygienic and I would never purchase again but for those who do love this beauty sponge, it stayed very clean.
Inside Nanshy and B.

Nanshy Marvel Sponge (Review here)

Now we all know this is my favourite affordable beauty sponge! One that i've still be using recently, so when I cut inside I wasn't surprised to see a bit of foundation and sunk in, nothing major. I can't figure out when the last time I washed this one.. yes gross but it could be that. 

Inside P.s and Beauty blender

Primark P.S Sponges (review here)

Now I only use these sponges for under the eye concealer, so I wasn't expecting them to be completely disgusting and in actual fact they are pretty cleaning. 

The Original Beauty Blender (Review here)

Other than my Nanshy blender this blender is my favourite, now this beauty sponge is about 2 years old, I haven't used it though in a while, I kept it 1. as a reminder to pick a new one and 2. purely for this post. So as you can see it has sunk but gone grey not a huge amount but still,  I am going to say it's probably grey because of how old it is and when I first bought it I used it none stop, so i'm not surprised. 

Now overall I was pleasantly surprised how this beauty sponges actually looked inside! There was nothing that made me think OMG sort of thing, what about you what do you think? I hope you found this sponge interesting and a bit of fun!

Thank you for reading


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