Friday, 16 February 2018

London Haul

I thought I would throw it back today and do a traditional haul, because who doesn't like a good ol' haul? I didn't go over bored in London but there were a couple of items I knew I wanted to pick up so let's get on with it. 

The first thing on my list was the Too Faced Sweet Pie bronzer but when i went and swatched it there was nothing different compared to my Too faced chocolate bronzer so couldn't justify purchasing it. 
Moving on anyway for my birthday back in September off Pauls mum I was given a Debenhmas voucher which I saved for this trip, I only picked two things up as I got a bit overwhelmed. 

Laura Gellar Gilded Honey 

Now i've been wanting to get this for month's and not something I could justify getting so i thought perfect opportunity to get this while I have a voucher! It looks beautiful can't wait to try it. 

The Original Beauty Blender

Now i've needed a new beauty blender for about a year, I went and purchased dupes just so I didn't spend £16.00 on it! But again like above seeing as I had a voucher, I decided to pick a new one up as I do love them and they make a huge difference to my makeup. 

On a side note before I move onto my next beauty item, I picked up some Turkish Delight from Fortnum and Mason as it's my favourite thing ever! 

Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set 

Now of course I had to pick something up from Fenty and I saw this set online and thought that would be a great introduction to the brand! I had to make Paul queue for Fenty, yes you heard me we had to queue. Another product I can't wait to try! 

Now I really wanted to pick up Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume but I can't justify another perfume, as I really need to downsize my collection as I have way to many! 

So there you go a very sort haul but still wanted to share what I bought!
On Friday i'll share my thoughts on the hotel we stayed in! 

Thank you for reading


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