Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How to Live a Life of Freedom *

Whatever the term ‘freedom’ conjures up in you, now is the best time in history to embrace the ‘freedom lifestyle’ due to today’s flourishing digital economy where people are working remotely, from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop and internet connection.

Many people have traded in the archaic 40x40 Plan (i.e. working forty hours a week for forty years then retiring) for what Tim Ferris refers to as ‘mini retirements’ more akin to jetting off to an exotic location and working from their laptop, on a beach, whilst drinking from a fresh coconut.

Today, many people are wanting to exchange their cramped cubicles and hour long commutes in heavy traffic for a beach hut in a tropical paradise where they can lounge about in a hammock whilst working on their iPad.

That said, the freedom lifestyle is not limited to work, today you can study almost anything online, and whilst there are benefits to attending classes in person, such as when undertaking professional javascript courses or nursing degrees; there are plenty of subjects and courses suitable for distance learning that you can study from anywhere in the world.

This is a truly incredible time to be alive, as more and more people are able to travel the world without sacrificing their education, career, or earning ability - and best of all, they can ensure they are getting to spend proper time with their family… whether that’s turning up to each and every little league game or travelling the world with their children, teaching them about all sorts of different cultures and truly enriching their childhood experience.

It’s important you live your dream as the world needs more happy and inspired people; whether that dream is having a beautiful home and a close circle of friends or jetting off to the other side of the world.

The opportunity to travel the world and live the freedom lifestyle is within your grasp - but you’re going to need to a decent income to fuel it.... as even “cheap” countries such as Thailand and the Philippines aren’t always as cheap as one might expect.  

Sure, you can live a very cheap lifestyle where you spend just a few dollars each day; but presuming your idea of “freedom” extends to something beyond sleeping on a rock hard bunk bed in a dorm with twenty other travellers (and no air conditioning)... the one fuel that’s most vital to having more freedom in your life is money.  That said, whilst money can be a great facilitator - it’s not the be all and end all.

In summary, the opportunity to live a life of more freedom is within your grasp, indeed, today is the best time to be alive for such a lifestyle with the abundance of online opportunities and the ability to work remotely… but unless you’re able to generate a decent income, you could well end up spending your time pacing up and down the beach feeling trapped in a state of financial stress rather than freedom.

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I will be posting another post soon about How it's okay not to know what you want to do!

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