Sunday 14 January 2018

Skincare Sunday | Yes To Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel

You know the drill it's Skincare Sunday! Today's is going to be a review on Yes To Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel, let's begin.

What does the product claim?
This is what Yes to cucumber claims the product does "yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel gently calms, soothes and smooths your radiant eyes. Naturally reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, tightening and cooling your skin, it will leave you bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on the world!" (source feel unique)

£11.99 for 30ml, I bought this product in July and finished it in November, so works out an affordable product.
The packaging is very basic, with a clear plastic bottle, green labelling but bonus pump!
How to use
I used this product morning and night just before applying serum and moisturiser

It's a thick gel consistency, feels thick under the eyes once applied.

Overall opinion
Overall I found that this product did nothing for me, it felt sticky on the skin, didn't reduce puffiness of brightening. Unfortunately this product wasn't for me and wouldn't recommend nor repurchase.

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