Sunday 7 January 2018

Skincare Sunday | Boots EssentIals Cucumber Facial Scrub

Now Christmas/ New year has been and gone time to get back to everyday life! First skincare post of the New Year and it's about Boots essential cucumber facial scrub, because we need to get rid of all of the grim from the past week.

What does the product claim?
This is what Boots say about this product: 'Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins, this gentle scrub works to revive and brighten skin by lightly polishing away dry patches and dead skin cells.' (source Boots)

£1.50 50ml

Very basic, green tube, small but perfect for travelling.

How often do I use it?
Like any scrubs I only use them twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday

Overall Opinion 
Overall I really enjoyed using this scrub, it was gentle yet affective. It had a bit of a foamy consistency to it, it removed all dead/dried skin, even when I thought I didn't have any but noticed once I used this scrub. Would highly recommend, great scrub at a great price!

Thank you for reading!

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