Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My Personal Dating Tips *

Seeing as it is the New Year your New Year Resolution might be to start dating again or want to rebuild relationships, so i'm going to share my personal dating tips that you might find useful! 

The Tips:

  1. Be Yourself - This of course is obvious 
  2. Go with the flow - Another obvious one but just let things progress naturally
  3. Take time for the relationship - One that me and Paul want to do more this year is more Date nights just little things, like a Netflix series just something small, last year we were constantly busy and forget about our relationship nearly. 
  4. Find something you both enjoy- Your never going to love everything the same but just find something you both like whether it's a tv series or walks anything just so you can use it to take time for the relationship 
  5. Don't forget why you got in that relationship- This is a new one for me but if you ever question anything just remember why you wanted to get in a relationship with that person  
  6. Plan adventures - This is mainly me but I love planning trips away for me and Paul just lets you have something to look forward too.
  7. Have time out for yourself- Even though I love spending time with Paul, I still love my independence and my time I do think it's important to do something for you
  8. Have boundaries - I think you know in the relationship when you've pushed the other half but of course just have a boundary where you know in the relationship you've upset or got on their nerves ( we all know if you love them that much they still get on your nerves at time ) 
  9. Don't look at other relationships - This is an important one never look at other people's relationships because everyone's is different and it doesn't mean yours isn't normal, people only show what they want to show.  
  10. Arguing is normal - I understand that arguing everyday isn't good and sometimes needs questioning in the relationship but every now and then sometimes you do let of steam and you argue, so every now then it is normal. Me and Paul always have a blow put arguing and then we look back and laugh (well he does, I try and be serious for a whole 1 minute ).
So if you need help getting back into dating here are some dating websites that can help you!

What are your dating tips?
Thank you for reading 

P.S This post is sponsored by the Dating Sites the * represents that in the title


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