Friday, 19 January 2018

Interview With The Boyfriend *

Following on from my Dating Tips Tuesday I thought I would get Paul involved again, we've done the Boyfriend Tag (read here) but I thought it would be fun that I give Paul some questions and he just answers them honestly, so let's see what I asked him and what he thought. 

What do you love about Hannah? 

What I love about Hannah is that she is always trying to make myself better in many different ways but I know she is doing it for the greater good of our relationship.

What does Hannah do that annoys you? Don't say nothing as I know you do 

The one thing that annoys me that Hannah does is that she is a complete control freak, she has to know everything about everything we're going to be doing, it has to be planned. Another thing is I can't surprise her as she hates surprises.

Who's the most romantic one? 

Would like to say it's me but really it's Hannah

Who wears the trousers? 

Most women think it's them but in our relationship it's me, I wear the trousers, i'm the boss.

Best memory together? 

I would say the best memory together would be our first date as it was the start of something good. 

What do you hope for the future? 

Maybe Marriage, children and a house

There you have it my six questions for Paul, to be honest I wasn't that surprised with some of his answers, especially what annoys him as he is constantly telling me to let things be! So there you have it, maybe this gave you a little bit more an insight into mine and Paul's relationship! 

Like I said in my previous blog post (dating tips) everyone's relationship is different and shouldn't be judged but I do understand that getting into the dating circle can be difficult but not only that but seeing as Valentines is around the corner a lot of people can feel lonely at this time of the year so to help you out i've left some dating sites linked below! 

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Thank you Paul for getting involved, I hope you enjoyed this post 
Thank you for reading

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