Thursday 21 December 2017

Soap & Glory Bath Bombs

Couple of months ago Soap & Glory released bath bombs!! So of course I headed straight down picked them up to try and review for you lot! 

What do Soap & Glory say about them? 
This is what S&G say about them 'We’re bubbling over with excitement about our trio of effervescent bath bombs. FIZZ-A-BALL™ is a super-relaxing unbelievably fun treat that bubbles away on contact with water.' ( Source Soap & Glory)

How many is there in the collection ?
There is 3 bath bombs in the collection: 

Original Pink: Their signature rose and bergamot 
Smoothie Star: Sweet vanilla musk 
Sugar Crush: Sweet lime zest

£4.00 but usually on 3 for 2

The packaging is very simple, the bath bomb comes in a clear plastic with a pink bow. 

 Original Pink
I really liked the original pink bath bomb, it turned my bath a beautiful pink colour with glitter, yes there's glitter but it is easier to remove when cleaning the bath compared to some glitter bath bombs. I didn't really smell the rose or bergamot.

Smoothie Star
This was the one I was most excited to try but I was so disappointed it didn't have that sweet vanilla smell like I was expecting. It turned the bath a mixture of pink and cream, with a slight glitter running through but hardly noticeable. 

Sugar Crush
Now this was the one I wasn't looking forward to try because it's not my favourite smell, I prefer more vanilla smells than fruity ones especially when i'm having a pamper bath. But I was shocked as it was actually my favourite did had more of a wow factor than the other 2!

Overall Opinion 
Overall I wasn't blown away by these bath bombs, the scent wasn't there for me, also worth pointing out they didn't feel moisturising like some bath bombs they are purely for colour, so they would be perfect for someone who can't have certain oils etc. On the plus size they don't stain the bath which is means cleaning is quick! I won't be rushing out to repurchase them but I wouldn't refuse to use one, my favourite bath bombs are still by Lush but it's nice to see other high street brands coming out with bath bombs. Maybe my expectations were too high? Sorry Soap & Glory. 

On a quick note it's worth checking out my Instagram (@hannahjarvis24) because I filmed each bath bomb and posted the results over there! 

Have you tried them? What's your opinion on them?

Thank you for reading


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