Friday, 22 December 2017

2017 Lookback & New Year Resolutions

Now we're getting very close to Christmas now so today I want to dedicate a whole blog post on looking back at 2017 and just share some New Year Resolutions for 2018. 

I feel like 2017 has been a good year, i've travelled to 3 countries this year so I feel lucky, Vienna (blog post), Paris/Disney (blog post 1,2,3) Rome ( blog post 1,2,3) and next year hopefully we will have the same adventures. 

Uni wise I got through the stressful second year but also  started my last year, so fingers crossed 2018  gets me through it! 

Looking at 2018 it should be a good one, as fingers crossed i'm graduating and hopefully be looking for a new job. 

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the year 2017 

There of course more pictures from 2017 that are my favourites but i've shown them in previous blog posts. 

Moving onto my New Year Resolutions for 2018 

  1. Getting healthier and fitter- yes I say this every year but I really need to do it in 2018
  2. Kick ass at my degree- really push hard to get the degree I want
  3. Don't get stressed- this year even though it's been good, i've been stressed crazy 
  4. Let things be- I feel like I have to sort everything out and sometimes it's okay not to be on point
  5. I want to be more sustainable in 2018 just little things like no buying a carrier bag but rather taking a canvas one
Very short list but hopefully I can stick to them! 
What are your 2018 New Year Resolutions? And what's your favourite memory from 2017? Mine was the picture of me and Paul on Thunder mountain in Disneyland Paris, it was just a great moment. 

Thank you for reading

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