Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Travel Diaries | Rome Day 1

So last week Me and Paul were in Rome, so let the travel diaries start!

The first day started very early as our flight was at 8:15, we landed in Rome around half 11, got to hotel at about 1ish, don't worry hotel review coming soon! We headed straight out and our first point of interest was Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps and Pantheon, Once we did all of that we headed back to the hotel, got freshened up and went for food around The Spanish Steps area but before we went for food, I went and treated myself because my generous grandparents gave me some Euro's for my birthday and I wanted to purchase a memorable gift from Rome. We went everywhere Dior, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co! I really wanted to get a pair of the pearl earrings from Dior but i'm allergic to every metal but gold in my ears and they weren't so I couldn't purchase them (sad emoji), but I went into Tiffany & Co and saw a beautiful ring which I purchased!! Sorry for the long ramble then but once I got my purchase we went to a lovely restaurant called Nino, which is down a side street from Spanish Steps, highly recommend! Ramble over now onto the pictures. 

Thank you for reading!
Day 2 will be coming Friday!

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