Friday, 10 November 2017

The Boyfriend Tag*

Today's post i've brought in my other half to do, The Boyfriend Tag, at the end there will be a list of dating sites if you want to try online dating, you can read my full post on Relationships (here)

Let's begin with the tag! Ready Paul?

Question 1: When/Where did we meet?

Paul: College 2015
Hannah: Partly correct, it was college but 2014 

Question 2: When did you meet the parents?
Paul: November 
Hannah: Wrong February 

Question 3: Where/When was our first kiss?
Paul: College before you went on your driving lesson
Hannah: College in November

Question 4: Who said "I love you" first?
Paul: Me
Hannah: Paul
Question 5: What is the first thing I wish you didn't do?
Paul: Swear
Hannah: Swear

Question 6: What is something you wish I didn't do?
Paul: Be so busy  
Hannah: Waste money

Question 7: Where was our first date?
Paul:  Costa
Hannah: Oops forgot I put Nando's/Cinema 

Question 8: What eyes colour did you wish I had?
Paul: The eye colour you have because they sparkle 
Hannah: Cheesy Paul! And I put the same as i've got

Question 9: What tv show do I seem to always forget?
Paul: Housewives
Hannah: Don't tell the bride

Question 10: What salad dressing do I always have?
Paul: Normal salad dressing 
Hannah: Balsamic!!

Question 11: Which food I like / Don't like 
Paul:  Like is Fish Don't like cheese, and dried fruit, bananas 
Hannah: Like Squashie sweets and don't like cheese

Question 12: Which drinks I like / Don't like 
Paul: Like Prosecco Don't beer
Hannah: Like Mojito don't beer

Question 13: Which are my most favourite drink/ food?
Paul: Food: Creme brulee Drink: Prosecco 
Hannah: Drink: Mojito Food Fajitas 

Question 14: What is my shoe size?
Paul:  6
Hannah: depends 5 &6 

Question 15: What are my weird habits ?
Paul: Putting cream on your face
Hannah: Pull faces

Question 16: What would I eat every day if I could?
Paul:  Chocolate
Hannah: Squashies 

Question 17: What am I good at?
Paul: Organisation 
Hannah: Over thinking 

Question 18: What I'm I bad at?
Paul:  stressing 
Hannah: Worrying

Question 19: Which kind of music do I like most?
Paul: Pop
Hannah: Charts

Question 20: Which song do I like most?
Paul:  Fast car
Hannah: Fast car 

Question 21: Which sport do I like?
Paul: Rugby 
Hannah: None

Question 22: Which sport team do I like most?
Paul: Wales
Hannah: If anything Welsh

Question 23:  Do I play sport?
Paul: No
Hannah: No but go to the gym

Question 24: What is my eyes colour?
Paul: Brown
Hannah: Brown

Question 25: Who is my best friend?
Paul: Mr tom 
Hannah: Mum, Mr tom but of course Holly

Question 26: Where does my family come from?
Paul: North Wales
Hannah: North Wales

Question 27: What I often do in my free times?
Paul: Blog, Uni work 
Hannah: Blog 

Question 28: How long have we dated?
Paul: 3 years 9 days 
Hannah: 3 years

Question 29: Do I often make you angry?
Paul: Not often 
Hannah: All the time 

Question 30:  Which film do I like most?
Paul: Beauty and the beast
Hannah: Beauty and the beast. 

I think we did well! Some wrong of course, Paul's excuse is I like and don't like too much!

There you have it the Boyfriend tag by the way, I gave Paul and myself a piece of paper, read the question, then wrote this post so he didn't cheat! 

I've got 5 dating websites here to help you out! 

I hope you find the one or have found the one!

Thank you for reading 

P.s This post was Sponsored, as it had * in the title please read my full disclaimer here 


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