Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rome Travel Diaries: Day 3

Day 3 of our Rome trip we headed to the Vatican and St Angelo Castle. The Vatican we already pre-booked unfortunately we couldn't get into the St Peter's Basilica because of the queue it was crazy, as it's free but we still did the rest of the Vatican which was beautiful. Before going to Rome I did research on where to go etc and one that kept coming up each time was St Angelo Castle so we headed over the queue was about 10 minutes and for me and Paul came to about €14 for both as we were under 25 and omg it was stunning, the views were just wow, let me show you! That night we ate at a very highly recommended restaurant called Amour, Google it! And if your visiting Rome book it as the food was divine and it's constantly busy we queues out the door!

I was going to do a Day 4 but that was the day we were travelling home, and all we did was a bit of shopping, so there's not a lot to show you. I hope you enjoyed my little travel diaries, would highly recommend visiting Rome as it's a beautiful city! I will be back on Friday with a hotel review of where we stayed!

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