Monday 20 November 2017

Mask Monday | Shills Pore Purifying Peel-Off Mask

Now I haven't done a mask Monday in forever and that's because i've trying and using up the product above, we've all heard about that Black face mask, it was all over Instagram and in the end I gave in bought it and now ready to give you my views.

What does the product claim?
This is what the product claims to do; 'The original Shills Pore Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask has rightfully earned its superstar status by removing blackheads, unblocking pores and eliminating oil using the powerful key ingredient, activated bamboo charcoal.
Detoxifying and purifying, charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out the most deeply-rooted impurities while naturally-derived ingredients calendula, rosemary and grapefruit help to restore a glowing complexion. Skin is left deeply cleansed and brighter.' (source Boots)

The packaging is very dark, black squeezy tube and white writing.

Where to buy?
You can buy this product from Boots and Amazon.

The formula of this product is very thick, it's like black glue.
Face mask first applied
Face mask dry

After removing the face mask, it does leave little bits, doesn't come off in one go
All removed
Overall Opinion 
Overall this product does what it says on the tin! But towards the end of timing of leaving the face mask on, it feels like my face can't breath and get uncomfortable! You have to leave this face mask on for a good 20 minutes, so bit time consuming! I did like this product and my skin felt super smooth afterwards but I don't think i'll be going out to repurchase but if you suffer with bad blackheads then I would recommend! 

Have you tried this product?
Thank you for reading

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