Sunday 15 October 2017

Skincare Sunday | Botanics All Bright Scrub

Scrub's, controversial, but every now and then my skin needs a manual exfoliate so i'm going to review the Botanics all bright scrub which i've recently used up.

What does the product claim?
Botanics Claim that 'This gentle facial scrub buffs away dull skin in seconds leaving it feeling clean, smooth and looking radiant.' (source Boots)

£5.49 for 74ml 

So the packaging when I purchased the product (see picture) has now changed to a plain white tube, and pink wrapper.

Liquid formula but creamy, with walnut particles

Overall Opinion
Overall thumbs up for this scrub, it removes all texture on my skin without it feeling dry and being harsh on the skin! 

Sorry this post is short but there's nothing bad to say about this scrub, so I would rather it be a straight to the point post rather than waffle! 

Thank you for reading

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