Tuesday 3 October 2017

Colourpop Lunch Money Highlighter

So here we are in October and now i'm back in uni, last year so god help me! Anyway today's post is a review and swatch post all about the hyped up Colourpop super shock highlighter in the shade Lunch Money, so let's begin.

Product Claim:
This is what Coloupop said about the product: 'This long-wearing crème powder cheek formula is the BFF of our famous Super Shock Shadows; it shares the same unique texture that is extremely buildable and blends smoothly to leave the cheeks looking healthy.'

$8.00 for 4.2g

The typical Colourpop super shock packaging, white pot with clear lid. I see why people think it's cheap looking but personally it just makes it unique for colour pop.

Shade and Shade Range
Like the title says it's in the shade Lunch Money but they have 13 shades!! In the Super shock range, really want to pick up churros or even glazed and smokin whistle's. 

How to use
So I tried this product a few ways but firstly this is what colour pop say when it comes to how to using this product: 'Fingertip application will provide the highest amount of coverage, and for a more sheer look we suggest using a flat synthetic cheek/foundation brush or a duo fiber brush. A flat synthetic brush will give more coverage and the duo fiber brush will give a more air brushed effect. Colour builds from natural to intense, build to your heart’s desire!'

Firstly I used a fan brush: That doesn't work. 
A small synthetic brush: Works better but not WOW
Small beauty sponge: Work's well gives a creamy look
Fingers: YES YES!!

I now know what people mean about these highlighters, the formula/texture is creamy, it's weird I can't put my finger on it! It's like a sponge but so creamy.


Overall Opinion 
I love this highlighter I would like highly recommend it! It deserves all the hype it get's! 

Have you tried this product? What's your favourite Coloupop product?

Thank you for reading

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