Tuesday 12 September 2017

University Starter Kit

I'm getting ready to go back to uni and it's going to be my last year and i'm pretty scared. But I know there's a lot of you going and also i'm helping prepare Paul for uni as he made the decision this year to go to uni. So this why I made the decision to create this post on a University starter kit so let's begin.
Diary : This to me is an essential just so you can keep on top of your life

  1. Good Selection of Pens : I like having a variety of colours so I see which part of the text is most important 
  2. Emergency Beauty Pouch : Of course this is for all of us who love our beauty, I like having a spare concealer, brush and lippy just so I can feel like me when needing a top up. I even have spare period supplies, bobby pin, bobble and even hand cream and tablets.
  3. Easy to get into Bag: I found this one out in my first year, you can have a really smart looking bag but if it isn't practical or easy to get into your less likely to get a pen or a book out as it is so much work. 
  4. Memory Card : I like to back my work on to this so I always have a spare
  5. Good Computer/Laptop: I'm not saying spend all your money on laptop but you are going to need a decent one so look at what you can afford, but I do really recommend Macs
  6. Savings: Just when time's get hard
  7. Be Organised with a file etc : If you start the year of organised your more likely to carry on being organised 
  8. Only Buy the Books you really need : I've noticed when I have a marketing module I always look at the previous books I bought for a similar module just in case they over lap as there's no point wasting your money on something you've already got
  9. Have Internet: This sounds daft but really you need internet the amount of people who come into my lectures who can't complete something at home or away from the uni because they haven't got internet is quite a lot so make sure wherever your staying that it has decent internet. 
Of course there's loads more you need for uni but really you just need to prepare yourself mentality, but don't forget to be YOU

What's your essential for uni or college?

Thank you for reading

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