Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My 21st Birthday

Well i'm 21, and what a weekend, so I thought I would share what I got up to on my 21st! Little disclaimer i'm in no means bragging, I just want to share with you my big day. 

So my birthday started on the Saturday, where me, Paul and friends went out for food and cocktails, it was amazing! 

So even though we were late getting in, I was still up super early just excited for the day! So my dad made us all a cuppa and my mum started giving me my cards and presents, I was super spoilt. My mum and dad bought me a Louis Vuitton handbag, a trip to Rome, Me to you teddy (this is a tradition every big birthday I get one), champagne flute and prosecco! From Paul, he did so well!! He got me a  Mulberry purse! Tiffany necklace! and Fendi Sunglasses!! I mainly had money but my Aunty and Uncle bought a beautiful Charlie Bear and i'm in love with him! His name is Frank! Paul's mum went and got me a Debenhams voucher so can't wait to spend that on makeup, and my friend Robyn bought me a lovely bottle of Calvin Klein perfume. 

My parents then rushed out and collected my cake which they got designed from Patisserie Valerie, it was stunning and delicious!!! 

That afternoon we chilled out drinking prosecco and watching films before getting ready for the evening, where my parents booked a table at Upstairs at the Grill, which wow wow wow!! We got in around 9ish then headed straight to bed a bit tipsy but also because Paul was starting uni the next! 

I had an amazing day, sorry this was a ramble not the best put together post but I just wanted to share pictures from the day but needed to talk a bit!

Thank you for reading

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