Friday 15 September 2017

Beauty Advice To Younger Self

A week on Sunday I will be turning 21!! Where has the time gone, but seeing as i'm looking back at old pictures I thought it would be a good idea to share advice to the younger me. This can help anyone who is having doubt with the way they look.
  1. Don't Worry About How Your Skin Looks: I know this hard, I know but just try and embrace it otherwise you could damage your skin while trying to make it looks better
  2. Less is more: OMG the times when we all used dream matte mousse, do you remember? I thought I was amazing with that stuff, it's the worse stuff ever invented, why mum, why?
  3. Social Media : Now I feel sorry for Teenagers growing up now with all the social media and the way your suppose to look, it's not realistic. 
  4. Everyone Has Flaws: I still do now with my skin but i've learnt to embrace it, I go to work without makeup and I don't care, one bit. 
  5. Stop looking at everyone else: Just like social media, it's not ideal looking at someone else wishing you had skin or a body like that, it's 1 either photoshop or 2 they will have a flaw elsewhere
There is my 5 pointers that I would tell the younger me, just embrace your life as it goes so fast, i'm sort of scared of turning 21, I feel like soon I should have my life sorted but I don't even know what I want to do when I graduate which is a year away!! 

What would you tell the younger you?

Thank you for reading

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