Friday, 18 August 2017

Why I Smile

Happy Friday everyone, at the beginning of this week, when thinking about what I was going to blog about I was feeling lucky and grateful as a lot of bad crap has been going on in the world so I thought sharing why I smile, look let's get one thing straight yes I have a bad day a lot of the time, Paul will definitely agree with that but when I do have a good day these are definitely the reasons why!

  1. I only have people around me who care : This one I realised when I went to college it helps so much having just people who care around you as it makes you feel better.
  2. Love what I do : I'll only do what I love, I complain about my job but really when I see where it get's me and what I can buy
  3. Make my space a happy space : I realised my room was just not a good place, I found dull, and it brought my mood down, so I redone my room to make it a happy place
  4. Plan trips to look forward to : I have to plan trips so I look forward to and have goals to reach with it! So my recent trip to look forward to is Rome!
  5. Always remember there's people worse off than you! So with everything going on in the world this is an important one to remember as it is true you don't know whats around the corner and also there's people worse off! 
There you have it my 5 reasons why I smile, it's important to sometimes take a moment to really appreciate what makes you happy, as it will make your mentality a lot better. Sorry this is a short post but I thought it was necessary to speak about reasons that people happy, so what makes you happy?

Thank you for reading

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