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Today's blog post I wanted it to be a chatty one, of course i'm going to share the good parts of my life not the bad. As you can guess from the title it is all about relationships, i'll discuss my dating past and what actually might come as a shock to most people who know me as i'm a strong person (well now), how to come to grips with moving on/ trusting someone else. How I met Paul and how it changed my life, why you should allow yourself to find love again and what to do if your struggling to find love. 

What a ramble right? Well this is going to be a long post so get a cuppa and get comfy!

The past
Before Paul I only ever had one boyfriend, when it first started like most things it's all good but then things started to change and how he changed. It started by little things then moved to bigger things, i've tried to pretty much forget about it as all i'm going to share is that it was an controlling emotional mess. I wasn't with him long...maybe 6 months roughly? My friends and family warned me as they saw it more than me and it caused a lot of arguments for me, in the end I had no one other than 'him' which of course is what he wanted, 3 months before it ended I woke up and realised what was happening but it took me a whole 3 months to get out of the relationship and then finally one day I just did it. I now to try and forget about but of course it affected me, I didn't think I was going to be able to move on, let alone trust someone!

How it made me loose confidence
This is self explanatory, just because of what happened I lost confidence and lost faith in myself, which is crap. I broke up with him in the summer so on break on college which made things a lot easier but of course when I went back everyone knew and was talking, which also made me feel like everyone was talking about me, which they were! 

How I come to grips with moving on/trust
Now even though it was my decision to split, it still left me 'scared' and I was constantly going to my mum "how i'm I going to trust anyone" and my mum always replied with trust me you will eventually. It was only when I went back to college and a little drama kicked off which made one lad in my department ask if I was okay (which of course was Paul!) to make me realise that not all lads are the same. 

Meeting Someone New
So of course that question that lad asked me started everything, the lad i'm referring to is Paul, he saw how 'vulnerable' and 'nervous' I was and made the whole situation better, he said everything I wanted to hear and more. Of course I was nervous to get back into a relationship but of course it was the best decision as the last 3 years have been amazing.  As long as the lad likes you he shouldn't be bothered about the past. 

Why should you allow yourself to find love again
You shouldn't punish yourself, everyone deserves the right to be loved/feel loved, it takes people a few attempts to 'find the one' but don't punish yourself, if you like them and they treat you right then why shouldn't you allow yourself to find love. 

I'm struggling to find love?
If your struggling to find love then don't be afraid to look at dating website as it is becoming more popular when finding love that way. Here are some links to dating websites:

Sometimes you have to experience the crap to get the good! Don't be afraid to find love again, don't let a bad relationship put you off, not everyone is the same! YOU DESERVE TO FIND LOVE! It doesn't matter about age or past there's someone out there for you!

What is your relationship story?

Thank you for reading!

P.S This is a sponsored post about online dating 


  1. I totally agree with you! You have to kiss a few frogs before you find the good one! ahahah x


    1. Can't get the perfect one straight away! x


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