Friday 25 August 2017

My Thoughts on Parent Companies

Around this time last year I posted my lifestyle change post (read here), so a quick recap I only use cruelty free products, so today i'm going to share my thoughts on parent companies as I know it is discussed a lot in the Cruelty free world. A quick disclaimer, i'm not telling you that you have to only use cruelty free products etc it's just my opinion and I want to share my thoughts. 

Wondering what parent companies are? It's when the brand itself is cruelty free but they are owned by a brand who isn't. E.g Too faced who is owned by Estee Lauder. 

So firstly I know people who use products from cruelty free brands who are owned by parent companies and I also know people who only use cruelty free brands who aren't owned by parent companies. 

What do I use? I use cruelty free brands which are also owned by parent companies who aren't, yes I know it is a tricky subject so i'm going to share my 4 reasons why I chose to do this. 

  1. No Harm:  Now I get why this is a dodgy one because people can say i'm supporting it because i'm using companies who are owned by none cruelty free brands. But my theory is the products you are buying aren't tested on animals... so that's my theory 
  2. Shows you prefer the cruelty free brand to the other one: This point states it bluntly 
  3. Still supporting the cruelty free brand: Another point which is self explanatory 
  4. Like the products they do: Now firstly let's get one thing straight yes there's loads of products which aren't cruelty free that I love and sadly had to give up because of what I believe etc for example I had to give up my Nars Laguna bronzer because of their decision recently. But the point is if they're cruelty free and I like their products then I will happily use it.
There you have it my 4 reasons why/thoughts on parent companies. I hope this helps or makes you think more about parent companies or if you are making the decision going cruelty free and not sure what you think about cruelty free parent companies, hope this answers some questions. 

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on parent companies?


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