Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Travel Diaries: Disneyland Paris Day's 1 & 2

So if you weren't aware by my social media I have just got back from Disneyland Paris and I thought I would share some photo's with you and also what we got up to.

Day 1

So day 1 was an early start our flight was at 6:10 in the morning, we got to our hotel around 11:00, we had a quick shower and headed straight to the park. We spent this day getting our bearings so only went on a couple of rides.  We decided to eat at Rain forest cafe that night as Paul had never been there. 

Day 2

We woke up on this day to rain, which I wasn't happy with, so after breakfast we headed to the shopping outlet close to the park where we were indoors for most of it, by the time we got back to the park it had stopped raining and we headed to Disney studios.  Walt's is where we ate this night and OMG it was amazing!

So that's day 1 and 2 i'll be back Friday with day 3 and 4!

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