Sunday 11 June 2017

Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub

Lately with this cold weather my skin has been particularly dry, and not to the point of just applying loads of moisturiser but at the point of flakey skin so I decided to go back to basics and get a traditional facial scrub to see if that would work and it does, but first because I know they can be harsh I only just it every other day at the moment and in the future when my skin gets better will be reducing it just twice a week. Ramble over now onto the point of the post all about the scrub i've been using and it's another product from Superdrug Vitamin E Range.

What does it claim to do?
Superdrug claim: This scrub uses oatmeal to provide a gentle but effective exfoliation, which reveals cleansed, soft and radiant skin.


Just like the rest of the range cream tube.

Skin Types
Normal to dry skin

How to use
At the moment I use it every other day just before I do a normal cleanse I exfoliate the dead skin cells then cleanse to remove the residue.

So being an oatmeal scrub there is a big pieces of oatmeal flakes in it in a creamy runny consistency. Has the typical vitamin e scent.

Overall opinion
Overall i'm quite impressed it left my skin feeling soft without being dry, this isn't a harsh scrub at tall but actually nice to use, definitely recommend this facial scrub.

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