Tuesday 30 May 2017

What Everyone Must Know About Second Year of University

So this time last year I was writing about how my first year at uni went ( can read it here), and well my second year has been the complete opposite.  Yes the year has gone fast but at the same time it's dragged, if that makes sense, we started back in October and well have now completely finished all my assignments have been handed in and now it's just a waiting game to hear what our results are. 

Where do I start about the second year of university well.... it's still stressful but I felt it was VERY disorganised and unmotivated. Everyone who knows me, knows  I am a very organised person so having the tutors being unorganised meant that it ended up leading us to be unmotivated and leaving everything to last minute! 

Another pointer is that I know university is always about being self studying and that your not always in uni but I was only in 2 days a week both half days! And 95% of the time a lecture got cancelled, I was never in which again led to feeling unmotivated. 

We all know that going up in education means the harder things get and the more stress you feel but this year the lecturers didn't give you any guidance until you got your result back and actually tell you what they wanted, so a tip I would say is get a head yes we have a long summer so in your spare time find the modules you'll be doing, do some research but also see if you can download the specification so you can read up on ready for the upcoming year! It's definitely what i'm going to be doing this year summer! Yes the tutors aren't meant to spoon feed us but little tips on how to get a head would be nice!

What have I learnt this year then? Not probably learnt but something I have realised is that it's getting all a bit scary but exciting this time next year I would be done with uni and suppose to be knowing where I want to go and the truth is I don't, i'm only 20 how i'm I suppose to know exactly what I want, all I know is I want a good job with good prospects and to travel. So what I have learnt is that it's okay not to know where you want to be and just live life how you are happy because trust me it won't be long until i'm sat here again writing about how my last year of uni went!

I hope this helped some people who are in the same position as me!

Thank you for reading!


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