Tuesday 9 May 2017

Too Faced Melted Lipstick Swatches

For Christmas I had the Too Faced Merry Kissmass set that included 2 lipsticks from the melted range, 1 from the chocolate melted range and 1 from the melted matte range, I thought I would show you the colours I have and give you a review on each one.

I love Too Faced as a brand so of course I was going to like their lip products!
Each lip product retails for £19.00 and the set I had retailed for £22 so a hell of a saving!

So their melted range is their version of a liquid lipstick, I like the concept, it's original fun and unique.  Like I said above there is a few ranges in their melted collection their is the original melted, melted chocolate and melted matte.

Starting with the two original melted lipsticks, in this collection there is 18 shades, so there is something for everyone. The shades I have is Fig and Chihuahua.

Fig is a plum, berry colour perfect for this time of the year, and Chihuahua is one of their bestselling and is your typical pink nude colour (but on me it's my lips but better colour).

Both of these liquid lipsticks are comfortable on the lips, wear nicely, don't go patchy, they fade evenly.  For packaging wise it comes in a squeeze tube and the colour of the product is coating the tube, with a foam sponge on the end where the product comes out, the foam sponge applicator actually makes the product easy to apply and goes on smoothly. There is no scent to these at tall, which is not like Too faced.

Moving onto the Melted chocolate one and for this collection there is only 6 shades in this collection and they are all inspired my chocolate- Of course!
The shade I have is chocolate honey, which is one of their best sellers again. The shade is your typical nude shade, very wearable, a nice easy everyday shade. For packaging it is exactly the same as the normal melted liquid lipsticks, for scent it does smell like chocolate- BONUS!  Really like this shade!

Lastly we have the newest collection and it's the melted matte, in this collection there is 16 shades, there is something for everyone in this range. The shade I have is Lady Balls which is a true red with blue undertones, i'm not usually a red kinda girl but this is very nice red shade. These specifying being matte I did think they were going to be very drying on the lips but they're not, it is comfortable on the lips, being a red shade it does bleed a little but doesn't go patchy at tall! What I do to hide the bleeding is to sculpt my lips using a concealer and a thin brush. For packaging these are a little different to the original but is your typical lipgloss packaging,  it comes a plastic bottle in which you can see the colour with a gold lid and writing and a typical lipgloss wand. No scent to these.
Top Left Chocolate Honey, Top Right Chihuahua, Bottom Left Fig, Bottom Right Lady Balls 

Overall I am very impressed with Too Faced liquid lipsticks and definitely would pay the £19.00 each, highly recommend, well done Too Faced.

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