Sunday 14 May 2017

Superdrug Vitamin E Serum

This skincare Sunday post is a review about the Superdrug Vitamin E serum!

What does the product claim?
Superdrug Claim: 'Vitamin E Renewing Facial Serum has a lightweight, silky texture and contains nourishing Betaine and a blend of natural Fruit Acids to boost the skin’s moisture content and helps stimulate cell renewal'.

£3.99- Always on off

The typical Vitamin E range, comes in a cream/tan bottle with a pump!

Where to buy?

Thin, liquid serum. 

How to use?
I used this serum morning and night as the second to last step in my skincare routine. 

Overall opinion 
If you haven't read my other Superdrug vitamin e skincare reviews, you might not be aware that I haven't had good experiences with the range so when I was trying this I was very nervous.  This is a very lightweight, thin serum, it is barely on the skin you wouldn't know it's there. Makeup sits on top of this serum well no rolling. Unfortunately though it doesn't feel hydrating on the skin, and it claims to be hydrating, also it doesn't make my skin feel hydrating, so this serum is a no and wouldn't recommend. 

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