Tuesday 25 April 2017

Sleek Face Form Palette

I brand I haven't tried that much from is Sleek, a couple of years ago Sleek hit the Boots and Superdrug and people went crazy I wasn't a huge fan but things got that hyped up that I had to give the face form palette a go.
This palette is suppose to be the go to when doing your face of makeup, it contains a bronzer/contour shade, blush and highlight. It costs £9.99 and for packaging wise it comes in a sleek black palette which contains a mirror so great for travelling.

It comes in three shades, fair, light and medium/dark, I have the fair shade. 

Starting with the bronzer/contour shade I am not a fan of this product it is meant to be a contour shade but it is way to orange for me that I can just about use it as a bronzer, personally I find it very hard to blend but on the plus it is pigmented. 

Moving onto the Blush this is suppose to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm blush and I definitely agree with that, it is a nice blush but has a hell of a lot of shimmer in which is very detectable on the skin. It can be hit and miss with this blush as sometimes it blends very well then other times it just doesn't work. 

Lastly the highlight: now this is very pigmented and gives a lovely glow, it is more on the cooler side of highlighters but I do have to be careful with this product as if I have dry skin then it will stick to it and show the texture. 

As you can see from the pictures the blush and highlight really shows up but that contour has faded. 

Overall this product is okay I do prefer other products to this but it does the job and for the price you can't complain that much. 

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