Tuesday 18 April 2017

AYVA Brush

I have an obsession with brushes, so let's talk about this brush the AYVA brush which is like a dupe for the Artis brushes. 

What they Claim?
AYVA claim that this brush ensures flawless application, achieve airbrushed finish and perfect coverage in one step.

£33.00- which is the norm unfortunately for brushes

The Brush
The brush itself looks something that Christian Louboutin would design. It's
plastic but painted gold with a pointed end, with an oval head which applies the product.

What can it apply?
AYVA say that it can apply; foundation, concealer, highlight, blush, finishing powder and skincare. That's a lot!

What do I use it for?
What I use this brush for it mainly foundation, but it does blend cream contour in very well.

How to clean it?
I found this brush difficult to clean like the rest of my brushes as it's so packed but I just use baby shampoo and wash it like a regular brush.

My overall opinion
Overall it is a nice brush it does leave my skin looking airbrushed when I use it, but also it blends cream contour in like a dream. It's a beautiful brush not only to look at but to use as well but for the price I wouldn't rush out to repurchase it if it went missing and wouldn't say you have to get it if you asked me as drugstore brands are starting to bring these type of brushes out for a fraction of the price. Also it can be a bit tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of it it's fine.

Have you tried this brush? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading

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