Friday 17 March 2017

Superdrug Vitamin E Night Cream

Night cream's can be expensive so I'm on the hunt to find the best night cream on the market, starting off with the Superdrug vitamin E Night cream. It is £2.99 so can't go wrong? Here is my thoughts:

What does it claim ?
This superdrug vitamin e night cream doesn't claim to do an awful lot other than provide 24 hour moisturisation and also contains high antioxidants to defend the skin against environmental damage.

This product comes in Superdrugs usual packaging/colour scheme like the rest of the vitamin e range, white tub with a brown band.


Thin consistency with the usual Superdrug vitamin e range scent/

How to use
I use this every night, as my last step in my skincare routine.

My Overall opinion

Overall it is a basic night cream, it doesn't do much other than hydrate the skin but it is worth mentioning that it did sting near my eye area, which is not normally a sensitive area, also it took a while to sink into the skin so you do look a little scary while it's sinking in. 
Would I repurchase this product again? No purely because of the fact it stung near my eyes
Would I recommend this product? No because I have tough skin so if someone had sensitive skin this could play hell with it.
The only plus with this is product is that it is cruelty free and budget friendly.

Have you tried this night cream?

Thank you for reading


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