Friday 24 March 2017

Nars Kabuki Artisan Ita Brush & Nars Kabuki Yachiyo Brush

I was very lucky to receive both Nars brush for birthday and Christmas but I thought I would review both together and say which one I would purchase if I only had one.

So the two brushes are Nars Kabuki Artisan Ita and the Kabuki Yachiyo.

The ita is famous for being a really good contour brush that's why I wanted it and I just loved the look of the yachiyo that's why I wanted that.

They both retail for £43 so a lot of money that's why I wanted to tell you my thoughts on both.

Starting with the Ita:

 The brush is a good contour brush as it's thin so really good at getting into the hallows of your cheek bones. 

The Yachiyo brush:

I find tis a more versatile brush as you can use this for blush, contour, bronzer, highlight and powder. My favourite way of using this brush is for blush and bronzer.

They both wash well but I have noticed with the yachiyo brush on the first wash it did shed a little bit but now it doesn't.

Both brushes are all black so it can be hard to see how much product it is on the brush and whether they need cleaning. 

I love both brushes, the ita is great for someone who can't do contour like me as it does the work for you but the yachiyo is such a good versatile brush. 

The one I would say get more is the yachiyo because of how versatile it is but I would highly recommend them both, they are worth every penny, and they are great staple brushes. 

I hope this post helped!

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