Sunday 26 March 2017

B. Micellar Water Review

If your new to my blog you will know I don't like using makeup wipes to remove my makeup I prefer micellar water so there is always reviews on them as I like sharing my thoughts with you guys!

The micellar water i'm reviewing this time is from Superdrugs co brand B.

This micellar water is around the £4.00 mark and packaging wise it feels very luxe but when your trying to get the product out it takes a while and also it's hard to get the product out I found myself really squeezing.  Wasn't impressed with that.

Your going to find this post very negative, I am sorry. 

Onto the product itself,  even drowning my cotton pad in the product it struggled to remove my makeup, I found myself really pulling at my skin to remove my makeup and also it stings the eyes big time I couldn't even go anywhere near my eyes with this product!

This product is a big no no for me, one its hard to get out, second it doesn't even remove my makeup and thirdly it stings my eyes. So  this is a short and sweet post but there isn't much else to say on the matter as it's an awful product and wouldn't recommend!

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