Tuesday 21 February 2017

5 Eye Looks Using Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette

I recently did a swatch post all about the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette (review here) so I thought I would share with you 5 eye looks you can create using this palette.

Look 1

For this look I wanted to do something intense with the amazing orange shade in the palette, I had so many compliments with this eye look.

  1. Wax paper all over the lid
  2. Mixture of start soft and alchemy in the crease
  3. Aftertaste on the out corner of the lid
  4. 182℃ all over the lid

Look 2

Like using shimmer on an everyday basis, then is the eye look to go for.

  1. Wax paper al over the lid
  2. Finish sensual in the crease
  3. Start soft on the out part of the lid
  4. Almost burnt patted all over the lid
  5. I've blended almost burnt out but if you want an more intense look then leave it patted on.

Look 3

Everyone loves a bronzed eye right?

  1. Wax paper all over the lid
  2. Blend universal delight and start soft into the crease
  3. Out corner of the lid apply Alchemy 
  4. Pat liquid centre all over the lid

Look 4

This look is a bit more smokey great for the evening time!

  1. Apply Wax paper all over the lid as a base
  2. Use universal delight as a transitional shade in the crease
  3. Apply finish sensual in the crease, building up to your desired look
  4. Pat edible gem all over the lid then with a clean fluffy brush blend until you achieve how dramatic you want the look

Look 5

For this look I used all matte shades which is a lot easier to pull off on an everyday base.

  1. Place wax paper all over the lid
  2. Apply universal delight in the crease as a transitional shade
  3. Work Finish sensual in the crease
  4. Go over the top of finish sensual with start soft
  5. Then on the outer part of the crease apply alchemy 
  6. For the lid I mixed wax paper and universal delight and placed all over the lid. 

And there you have it my 5 easy eye looks using one palette! Hope this helps or gives you some inspiration!



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