Sunday 15 January 2017

Primark Mini Beauty Sponges

Everyone has heard of the beauty blender and how fantastic it is (review here) and we have also heard how Primark's beauty range is growing, i've always wanted to pick up the mini beauty blender but for £14.00 can't justify so when I saw Primark had a similar version but for only 99p I had to pick them up!

The reason I wanted to give these ago like stated above I wanted to try the beauty blender one's but just couldn't justify it but also I thought they'd be great for under the eyes and just awkward places that need concealing. 

These sponges are 99p which is much better on the bank account and you got 4/5 sponges instead of just 2! They're green so well easy to spot amongst the rest of your other other beauty sponges and always easy to tell when needing a clean.

I use these sponges for a number of reasons, one for concealing under my eyes with a thick heavy concealer, two for blending in concealer around the nose and thirdly for liquid highlighter especially the mua one (review here). I use this sponges dry as that's the best way with these ones but sometimes i'll spray them with a bit of make up setting spray or toner. 

These sponges are incredible, they are definitely worth picking up when your next at Primark, they work really well with product, clean up like brand new, and just all round a good bargain product that actually works and would pay more for. These are definitely a secret gem of Primark.

Have you tried these mini sponges? Or got any secret gems.

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