Tuesday 17 January 2017

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation

Good Day lovelies and let's take a moment we have nearly made it threw January! Foundations can be expensive right? 

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation £5.99 and always on offer, affordable! Let's put it to the test.

It doesn't claim much but the claim it does say is "Radiance boosting formula with a 'Your skin but better' finish" which is what I like to hear from a foundation. 

Very Thick because of that it clogs buffing brushes up very quickly than other foundations. But it a full coverage foundation.

Colour range
Poor, only 6 shades, there is nothing for very fair people (i'm the lightest so that's saying something) and nothing for olive/deep tone skin tones. Also they are pink undertones to the foundations which some people don't like.

How I use it
The way I apply this foundation is either with my hands then go over with a buffing brush to blend in lines, or the only brush I can use it with is the Louise Young Ly34 (review here). 

Overall Opinion

Overall it is a good foundation, it leaves a good amount of coverage, wears well and luckily I got a good shade but I can see this being a problem for some people. Another pointer is that it does stick to dry skin, so a little tip apply a tonne of moisturiser before hand even if you have oily skin just to make sure it doesn't stick to anything. 

For £5.99 you can't go wrong!

Have you tried this foundation?

Thank you for reading


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