Sunday, 18 December 2016

Blogmas Day 18: New Year Resolutions

A couple of posts back I talked about what i've learnt from this year, so for today's post i'm going to tell you my New Year Resolutions.

  1. To get healthier- I started out really well this year then took for a turn for the worse and haven't gone back so next year it is time to cut out chocolate
  2. Do more exercise- Another thing I did well at the beginning of the year, I had a gym membership and everything I realised I couldn't afford it anymore but told myself to go running, did that happen? No! So next year i've found an exercise class which you don't have to pay monthly only when you go so it's what I'm going to do
  3. Get back into reading- This year there has been loads of books i've wanted to read but just haven't had the chance, over Christmas i'm going to start this one
  4. Enjoy life- I worry way to much about everyone else than about myself, I did to focus on myself and just enjoy life
  5. Improve my photography- I have a decent camera, i'm not saying talking brilliant photos out and about i'm just basing it on my blog
  6. Travel!- Me and my other half Paul have a cruise booked for July and we are going to some amazing places but also we have a couple of weekends off together next year one in March and one in the End of August so we are booking a few little cities trips for them to explore and like my fourth point ENJOY LIFE !! I'm thinking Iceland or Denmark  for March and Paris for August! Haven't told Paul yet oops!

I think they are all my New Year resolutions so thank you for reading, leave me a comment on what your New Year Resolutions are or also where me and Paul should go for our little trips!



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