Friday 16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 16: What have I learnt in 2016

Seeing as 2016 is coming to an end I thought I would share what I have learnt throughout 2016!

  1. It's okay to have a bad day- this year i've had a lot of bad days where I felt like doing nothing or that everything was going wrong, i've finally come to the conclusion that it is okay just to stop if things are going wrong and have a break
  2. Everything happens for a reason- I always swear by this but this year it's shown it that things do happen for a reason
  3. Fake a smile and move on- I think it's a lot easier just to fake that smile than trying to explain to someone what is wrong when they don't understand
  4. Life is way too short- I realised this when my family on my birthday were like aww Hannah this time next year you'll be 21!!! Where the hell has time gone! My childhood has flew by! Also this time next year i'll be coming into my last term at university!!! I could potentially be my last year where I work!! 
  5. I've always been an animal lover but this time last year I was starting to think about turning vegetarian again (yes again - long story!) and I started realising more about animal cruelty and testing on animals, I guess my research went into this year and I now know a lot more, which I will be talking more about in 2017! 

There you have it my 5 things i've learnt from 2016, What have you learnt? 

Thank you for reading!

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