Monday 12 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Blogpost Ideas

We are pretty much halfway through blogmas so today i'm sharing some Christmas inspiration  blogpost ideas.

  1. Festive Makeup- this one is a classic and that's sharing your go to festive makeup look
  2. The good old Christmas gift guide's
  3. New year resolutions- Have you got any? Share them with us
  4. Your favourite Christmas products- Share your beauty/fashion products that you get out every Christmas
  5. Wrapping Ideas- Got any wrapping inspiration share them
  6. A food post from mince pie's to cookies
  7. Do a post like this one and share your Christmas blogpost ideas
  8. Share what you have learnt throughout this year
  9. Skincare or pamper routine 
  10. Your Christmas wishlist 
There you have it my 10 Christmas inspired blogposts.

If you do any of these post's share them with me on Twitter (@hannahejarvis) as I would love to see!

Thank you for reading!

Ho Ho Ho 


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