Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November Favourites 2016 & Announcement

Well November is over and time for another favourites and a little announcement at the end!

This is going to be a short favourites as I haven't been loving many products or items as i've been so busy with work and university. 

There might only be one  beauty favourite this month but it was one expensive/ luxury product and it  has to be the Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut body scrub. The end of October saw mine and Paul's anniversary and we always just get something small as it's the day before his birthday and having Christmas around the corner, so this year he bought me the scrub from Jo Malone as I love the bath products from there. It's a beautiful scrub with a gorgeous smell fresh but nutty smell, it's also a very cold scrub which is nice and cooling on the skin, overall I've been loving this product. 

For a fashion favourite this month i've been loving a pair of burgundy leather panel jeans, they are a great addition to the wardrobe, I was thinking about doing a post all about them. 

There has been a TV show that i've been crazy about and have actually finished it and that is the Crown on Netflix, if you know me I love history and anything history related tv shows i'm all over but even if you are not into your history then I recommend this show as it is also very funny.

One song i've been listening to none stop this month is Shout Out To  My Ex by Little Mix, i'm not usually a Little Mix fan but this song is very relatable and catchy. 

A bit of a random favourite this month but being back in uni means assignments and the dreaded 'REFERENCES'!!! My saviour when it comes to references is Cite this for me, it's a website which does it for you and put's all your references in the correct order etc highly recommend it if you are in higher education. 

So there is my November favourites like I said I had a little announcement and that is that i'm doing Blogmas where I will be writing a post everyday the bonus posts will go up at 9:00 am and my usual days for posting will go up at the usual time 6:00pm. There will be a mixture of normal posts and special Christmas posts, I hope you enjoy and I will see you Thursday for the 1st day of Blogmas!!

Thanks for reading!


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