Friday 4 November 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita

If you weren't aware that Kat Von D has landed in the UK and is now on sale in Debenhams then where have you been?

So of course I was going to pick something up and everyone in America raves about the liquid lipstick and of course in the shade lolita so I decided to pick it up. 

The liquid lipsticks retail for £16.00

The product comes in a skinny, long tube with black and white detailing but is also clear so you can see the colour. 

The applicator is your standard lipgloss applicator but the wand itself is way too long and difficult to get up close. 

The formula is very creamy but a thin consistency you can't really feel it on the lips and isn't drying. It's also very smooth to apply. You only want to apply one layer otherwise it can look messy.

Obviously I went for the shade Lolita which is one of the best sellers, it's a mauve rosey pink shade, very me

Where time
I have noticed it does start to bleed after a while, and fades in the middle first before anywhere else, so towards the end it looks like you've only lined your lips. 

First applied
Just after I had a drink   
After having food and a couple hours after applying

At 6pm 

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