Friday 9 September 2016

Is it worth it? Louise Young LY34 brush

Time for another is it worth it post, today i'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Louise Young LY34 brush, this purchase is all down to Anna from Vivianna does makeup as she uses this brush all the time.

I got my hand on this brush on Beauty Bay when they had a 10% off sale so I thought it was a sign for me to get it. This brush costs £24.00 which actually isn't that bad..... (think i'm trying to kid myself). I've never spent this much money on a brush so I hoped it would be worth investing and the quality would be bob on.

This brush is very luxurious, it feels amazing to hold the handle is heavy which I personally like. The brush itself is mind blowingly soft, amazing against the skin. The brush itself is large and comes to a point at the end (great for getting around the nose ) it has long soft synthetic bristles, this brush is very unique and not your usual foundation brush.

 I've used this brush for a good couple of months and i've tested it out with a couple of foundations.
If you want a full coverage finish and like to buff in your foundation, then this isn't the brush for you. This brush gives more a natural finish, you can get a light coverage but also a medium coverage by building it up with thin layers.

Usually buffing in foundation for me can get a long time but using this brush it takes less than 2 minutes, it doesn't lines or patches. I actually don't know how this brush works because it's very unique but it blends foundation seamlessly and quickly.

I can not recommend this brush enough, it makes putting on foundation like a dream, so much easier and makes it look amazing with minimal effort. You can purchase this brush from Beauty Bay.

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