Sunday 25 September 2016

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

I haven't done a mascara review in about 2/3 months so I thought it was about time that reviewed my current fave mascara. Essence Lash Princess Mascara false lash effect, not only is it a brilliant mascara but also it super cheap at £3.50.

Starting off with packaging, even though I shouldn't moan at the packaging because of the price but it is awful packaging not because it leaks or anything it's purely down that it looks young and childish but it's what's inside that counts.

Moving onto the brush it a narrow bristle mascara wand these are great for getting right into the roots of your lashes which helps to build volume but it was easy to get the corners as well with this wand.

The formula is thick! It's not a very liquid consistency it's on the drier side which doesn't bother because I hate it when mascaras leek because they are too runny. It's also super black nothing subtle about this mascara. Some mascaras take a while to build up but this with this one god no! It look one coat to get a decent amount of volume and length! Yes a mascara that can do both! It's not a clumpy mascara but that could be down to the brush.

The wear time I personally think it wears well throughout the day yes by the end of the day they had dropped slightly but not that noticeable as they were so dramatic in the first place. It doesn't smudge or transfer onto the lids which is a good thing sometimes it does flake if you rub at your eyes but thats with most mascaras.

Would I repurchase it/ recommend this mascara? Hell Yeh it's an amazing mascara for the price and does an amazing job!

Have you tried this mascara

Thank you for reading!

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